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The rules and /or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of the events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements of such events. The Combine Demolition Derby is promoted as an unusual spectator attraction. To ensure safety, Drivers and Mechanics are subject to and must obey the following rules and regulations which are set up by the promoter and the track where this event is being held:




Drivers meeting will be held before the event to ensure all participants understand the event and all questions can be discussed.


  1. Drivers must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Drivers must wear a helmet and some type of eye protection.
  3. All combines must have an operating seat belt system.
  4. Alcohol is strictly prohibited in the pit area.
  5. Each Combine must make contact with another Combine within 3 minutes or be disqualified.
  6. No direct hits to the driver’s area of the Combine.
  7. All Combines must be inspected and approved by officials prior to show time.
  8. No two way radio contact with driver.
  9. Driver must stop Combine upon lifting another Combine off its wheels to prevent roll over.
  10. All Combines must have a number or name painted on both sides for identification.
  11. When competing in the arena, a driver must continue to make aggressive contact.




At the start of the event all participants will be brought out on the track and judged by the audience and the officials. 



The Combine Derby will consist of 2 – 4 heats (depending on # of entries), a consolations heat (if necessary), and the main event.


Each heat will be 20 minutes in duration, except for the Main Event.

There will be an intermission before the final heat, allowing Drivers and Crew member to make necessary repairs.


If a regular heat exceeds 20 minutes in duration and there are more than two combines left running the officials will make the selection of the final two for advancement to the main event.  


  1. All heat winners will receive heat money and a trophy.
  2. 1st – 2nd-& 3rd place Feature winners will receive money and a trophy.



  1. If gas tank is in exposed area it must be removed. Gas tank must be moved to be on top of combine or in the hopper/grain tank and securely mounted (original gas tank or small tank may be used). Maximum 10 gallon fuel tank.
  2. Combine must use a grain table platform that is fixed at 18” from the ground. Loss of platform will result in disqualification from the competition.
  3. Any sharp or protruding item must be flattened or removed.
  4. Unloading auger and choppers are to be removed. Separator must in inoperable.
  5. Corn heads and row crop heads are not considered grain tables and are not acceptable. No strapping or reinforcing of heads
  6. Tires may be filled with air only. No water, no foam, no duals and no calcium chloride filled tire.
  7. Batteries must be secured in a safe area such as the grain tank or engine compartment. Batteries must also be covered.
  8. All glass must be removed from the cab area.
  9. All Combines must have a reinforced cab or roll cage and be 2 wheel drive. Driver’s door must be welded or chained shut. A type of safety bar or shield should be added to the front of the cab area for driver protection.
  10. Rub bars may be installed around side mounted radiators covering radiator area only.
  11. Drive belts, hydro line and steering cylinder may have light reinforcement/protection.
  12. On side mounted engines rub bars may be used to protect the carburetor, limited to carburetor only.
  13. There will be reinforcement of the rear axle except for repair on a pre-ran Combine.
  14. Rear axle can be shortened, no braces between rear axle and frame. No bracing allowed around rear wheels. 1” angle iron allowed on steering arms.
  15. Holes may be cut in the grain tanks to help rear visibility.
  16. Any medal used to do basic repairs and/or to insure personal safety should be limited to 2x2x1/4 in. thick
  17. No concrete in the platform auger.
  18. No well casing can be used for reinforcement.
  19. A flag will be positioned on the combine, which should be pulled by the driver when the combine is out of the competition.





All decisions of the judges are final! The judges may, but are not required to, impose a warning prior to a disqualification. If a warning is imposed, a driver will be allowed one warning per heat, at the discretion of the judges. A driver receiving two warning in a heat will be disqualified from that heat. Driver will be allowed to participate in his next heat at the discretion of the judges.

Following is a list of common reasons for disqualifications, but this list is not intended to be exhaustive, and there may be other grounds for disqualification:

o   A driver may be disqualified for pushing or pulling a combine outside of the barriers lining the arena.

o   High speed ramming is not allowed.

o   Two or more combines locked together must attempt to separate within the three-minute time limit or risk disqualification.

o   Losing your header is cause for disqualification. The judges will decide when a header is off or partially off, and will require the driver to remove his/her flag.

o   Excessive speed, unsafe or reckless driving, as determined by the judges.

o   Poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated and may result in disqualification.